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JLSC-278 is madeof 100% selected fresh brewer yeast by biological high-tech and moderntechniques. It contains more than fifty kinds of nutrients, a variety ofbiologically native ferments, B vitamins, microelements, ß-glucan andfunctional oligosaccharide. It also has balanced amino acids proportion andmin.42% of protein. It has no resistance, no residue, no pollution and no toxicside effects. Therefore, it’s currently a kind of the most ideal microorganismprotein source for animals.

Appearance: Lightyellow to beige powder

Odor:Characteristic yeast aroma, no rotten or unpleasant smell

Purity: Free offoreign substances


Crude Protein: 42.0%  Crude Fat: 1.5%

Moisture: 8.0% Ash: 9.0%

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