Yeast Extract-Savory

Composition of YE

 Justlong Yeast Extract is rich in amino acid,peptide, flavor nucleotides, B vitamins and microelements, and contains nocholesterol and saturated fatty acids.

Flavour Enhancer

Justlong YeastExtract is a natural flavor product integrating 3 kinds of flavor substancesglutamic acid, IMP & GMP into one. Especially the peptides in the yeastextract enhance a “KOKUMI” taste which MSG and I+G couldn’t bring

Clean Lable

Yeast Extract is foodingredient, not additive, and could be added into any condiments. Yeast etractis used as a friendly label ingredient in Europe and the United States, andplay a role in cleaning label. Yeast Extract is listed in FDA 21 CFR Part 184,and belong to substances that could be added directly to human food affirmed asgenerally recognized as safe (GRAS) §184.1983(Bakers yeast extract)

Salt Reduction

Yeast Extractincreases umami mouthful in human gustatory sense also strengthens salinityeffect of sodium choride. As a result, even the industrial users reduce salt infood making process, using of yeast extract will effectively guarantee thehuman sense to umami and delicate flavor.

Application of yeastextract match general trend of the food industry and meet people’s requirements of low salt foods.

Aplication Range

Meat products

Savory flavors

Snack foods


Instant noodles


Soy sauce and Oysteroil

Boiilon cube


Vegetarian food

Pickled vegetables

Products type

Pure Yeast Extract

High I+G products

Flavoring YeastExtract

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